7 Features of Outdoor LCD Digital Signage
Release Time: 2022.03.29
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What are the features of LCD outdoor digital signage? We all know that outdoor LCD digital signages are widely used, most of which are used in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, cinemas and other public places where people gather. Advertising information is played to specific groups of people through the large-screen terminal display device.


The use of outdoor LCD digital signage requires the support of multimedia playback system. The multimedia playback system uses an intelligent management module on the player side to realize remote management and control of the player, and implements a complete network protocol and remote management and control functions on the server side. With a multimedia digital signage system, users can flexibly manage remote terminals, multimedia playback quality is not restricted by bandwidth, channels are not restricted by servers, and there can be any number of channels, even each terminal has an independent channel.



The uniqueness of outdoor digital signage is mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1. Technology innovation


It is undeniable that every technological innovation will promote the leap-forward development of social productivity, and the media industry's dependence on technology is even more obvious. The digital technology adopted by digital mobile TV has high technological content and strong technological innovation. The original CRT display is gradually being replaced by the lighter and thinner liquid crystal display, and the outdoor LCD digital signage has become the future development trend of radio and television.


2. The outdoor LCD digital signage has a wide audience.


The huge number of mobile people is the biggest advantage of the audience of the outdoor LCD digital signage. This feature makes the outdoor LCD digital signage have a broad living space, and there is no need to worry about being squeezed by traditional TVs. The tentacles of the LCD advertising system can be extended to various systems such as urban bus, subway, taxi and even railway trains.


3. Instant dissemination


Traditional TV needs people has to sit somewhere fixed to watch. It's impossible for a crowd that's hustling for work during the day. The invention of outdoor LCD digital signages allows mobile people to watch anytime, anywhere, and obtain more updated information, which greatly meets people's needs for information in a fast-paced society, and also enriches the cultural life of citizens.


4. Easy to access


The LCD advertising information release system is prepared and constructed by enterprises and merchants. The audience does not need to increase personal investment and consumption costs, but only needs to pay "attention" resources, which is easy for the public to accept. Aiming at this point, the popularization of LCD advertising is a kind of business that can both profit and have the nature of social welfare.


5. Maximize the utilization of information


How to make the existing information serve the broadest population and generate the greatest economic and social benefits has always been the concern and thinking of the media. The utilization of information by traditional TV media is far from exerting its due value. On the contrary, the emergence of new outdoor LCD digital signages can maximize the utilization of information and maximize its value.


6. High cost performance


Advertisers need the most cost-effective advertising to deliver their product or brand information to the most target consumers. Outdoor LCD digital signage can be said to provide advertisers with a brand-new and value-for-money choice.


First, the information is broadcast throughout the day, and the audience can watch it around the clock. LCD advertising can broadcast different programs and advertising content for different audiences, making each time period a prime time for advertising.


Second, the audience is wide, and the most valuable people are directly targeted. The wide audience and the huge number of floating people are the biggest advantages of LCD advertising audiences. The objects of its dissemination or service include the floating population in densely populated areas between cities and cities. These audiences include both general consumer groups and mainstream consumer groups. Therefore, LCD advertising, a media with a compulsive viewing nature, should be a good choice for the communication of fast-moving consumer goods.



7. Bring new opportunities to customers


The traditional media is relatively fixed, and consumers have quite a lot of complaints about the stereotypes of advertisements, but no one can escape them, and they are passively accepting them. It depends on whose advertisements are creative and whose advertisements are effective. The content of advertisements continues to sublimate, and on the other hand, they are struggling to find a new communication carrier, and the invention of outdoor LCD digital signage just solves this problem. Its broad audience is the most comprehensive consumer, so it is easier to get the attention of consumers, so the advertising communication is more in place and more influential.


First, the extremely high advertising display rate can quickly and effectively launch advertising offensives. Due to the special communication mode and extensive communication channels of LCD advertisements, advertising information can be delivered to tens of thousands of people.


Second, compared with newspapers, radio stations and other media, the cost per thousand people (CMP) of video advertising is relatively low, which is only one-tenth of the cost per thousand people of newspapers, radio stations and other media, which saves advertising expenses relatively.


Third, compared with cable television media, the advertising capacity is large, the content is updated quickly. The population flow is large, the media audience rate is high, and more likely to attract the passenger's attention.


Fourth, compared with traditional advertising, it has the advantages of stronger readability, visibility and integrity of information dissemination.


Fifth, TV advertisements have the characteristics of stronger three-dimensional sense, brighter colors and more continuous movements, which have more advantages than print advertisements, and are especially suitable for brand image promotion.


What are the features of the above outdoor LCD digital signage to share with you here, outdoor LCD digital signage is different from traditional newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and other media, it can help enterprises to carry out good publicity anytime and anywhere, that is the 7 features shared above, I hope it can help you.

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