Application Features and Advantages of Video Wall
Release Time: 2022.06.15
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With the development of technology, video wall is becoming more and more common in our daily life. Usually video wall is divided into LCD video wall, LED video wall, plasma video wall, DLP, transparent screen video wall, etc.

LCD video wall is the most widely used currently. Regardless of any field, as long as the large-screen display is used, LCD video wall is one of the well-deserved alternatives. It can be used alone as a monitor, or combined into a large screen. According to different needs, realize the functions of large and small screens. And what are the features and advantages of them?


Video Wall Features

1Large viewing angle

For the early LCD screen products, the viewing angle used to restrict the development of the LCD screen, but with the continuous progress of liquid crystal technology, the viewing angle problem has been completely solved. The DID LCD screen used in the LCD video wall has a viewing angle of more than 178 degrees, which has achieved the effect of absolute viewing angle.


2Long service life 

Why is it said that the effective service life is long, not just the long service life? Some people may have such doubts, because the LCD video wall will not affect its display effect after a long time of 60,000 hours of use, and will not become blur, speed of operation, response time and other aspects will not change much over time.


3. Reliability 

Support DVI/HDMI/VGA signal input, DVI signal output. The processor has a unique embedded structure design, which can accept input from various image signal sources, select different video processing systems, and support intelligent signal switching, automatic signal identification and automatic switching, without the need for remote control and control software. Through the RS-232 communication interface to control the image controller to achieve any combination of display mode switching, signal switching and so on.


4. Advanced technology

The LCD video wall adopts the world's most advanced IPS screen technology, which orients the liquid crystal molecules into an opaque mode. The amount of light transmission is determined by electrodes perpendicular to the orientation direction of the liquid crystal molecules, and the light is firmly controlled inside the panel. This makes the LCD video wall less light leakage. In the moving picture, it achieves better contrast ratio and makes the screen outline more distinct, and the display effect is much higher than that of the traditional PC or TV LCD screen.


5. Economy

Considering the economy of the system, it should be considered from the perspective of cost performance. Only under the premise of high performance and high quality, the economy of the system is meaningful. During the epidemic period, all enterprises and institutions are reducing expenditure, but the demand for liquid crystal display products is still increasing. Therefore, while meeting the basic needs of customers, more cost-effective products will be favored by customers.


6. High resolution

The most intuitive feeling is that the resolution is high. The resolution of the video wall is 1920*1080 for a single screen, and the splicing of four screens can reach 4K resolution display. At the same time, it can also reach the point-to-point, full-HD ultra-high-resolution display standard, so we see that the picture it displays is clearer; it can restore the resolution standard of the source file itself to meet the display requirements of all video sources.


7. Rich colors

LCD screen is currently the most popular and most important display technology. One of the reasons is that the color is rich, balanced and soft. The video wall also inherits this, especially when playing some videos. The effect is especially obvious; the brightness is also very high. It is suitable for human eyes to watch for a long time, and the color contrast is also high, which can best restore the color of the source file.


8Display is powerful

The video wall can be a single screen to realize cross-screen splicing, segmentation within a single screen, superimposed display, etc. For example, in some command centers, while displaying multiple video surveillance images, a large screen can be displayed on it, which is usually used in large command centers.

9. Support multiple computers to display at the same time

Regardless of whether it is matched with a matrix or an image processor, the video wall can realize that multiple computers can be connected to the input port at the same time, so that each video wall can display the content on a computer, or customize a certain video wall to display a certain image. It is suitable for some conference rooms and other occasions that require data analysis, and the signal can be switched at any time.




Product advantages of video wall


1. Full hardware architecture, professional splicing chip design without CPU and operating system

2. Multiple lines are processed in parallel, with powerful processing functions;

3. Integrated multi-channel video signal source

4. RS232 serial port remote control; support two-way RS232 loop out;

5. The underlying communication protocol can be opened, which is convenient for users to flexibly adopt a third-party central control system or compile their own software to construct a lar

11. Uniform brightness, stable image, no flicker, no distortion

12. The LCD video wall also supports wall-mounted installation, which does not occupy installation space, and can be wrapped around the screen to make the entire splicing large-screen display integrated with the wall.


There is basically no after-sales service. The panel technology of the video wall is very stable. If there is no external force collision, there will be almost no quality problems, so its after-sales concept is very low.


Application scenarios

1. Information display terminals in the transportation industry such as airports, ports, docks, subways, highways, etc.

2. Financial and securities information display terminals

3. Display terminals for commercial, media advertising, product display, etc.

4. Education and training/multimedia video conferencing system

5. Scheduling, control room, Radio and television, large-scale studio/performance venue

6. Military, government, city and other emergency command systems

7. Mining, energy security monitoring system

8. Command system of fire control, meteorology, maritime affairs, flood control and transportation hub

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