Why Interactive Flat Panels Are Replacing Projectors
Release Time: 2022.06.21
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Since the invention of television, human beings have entered the age of video information. With the advancement of technology, people have higher and higher requirements for video quality and functions. In order to respond to the needs of the market and meet the needs of people's daily life and business activities, video products are constantly being introduced, and traditional TVs have been gradually banned by smart TVs. The projector, which is often used in teaching and business meetings, is also beginning to be replaced by another new product, the interactive flat panel.


For a long time, the attendees of business meetings have used computers and projectors to assist in explanations; in teaching, teachers will also use projectors to assist in teaching. Projection screen images are generally large, and 100 inches or above are relatively common. Unfortunately, projection products are easily limited by the lighting environment. The images are relatively dim and the colors are not clear enough. For business meetings, especially in product promotion, the promotion effect will be weakened. For Gen Z students who have lived in the world of information technology since childhood, it is difficult to arouse their interest in learning with low-quality and uninteractive one-way projection materials. In addition, schools in general have promoted teaching, and the demand for 5G networks and interactive teaching equipment is increasing day by day, and projectors have gradually been unable to meet the needs of teaching.


In response to the shortcomings of projectors, interactive flat panels have emerged a few years ago. In the early days of the interactive flat panel, it was regarded as an expensive high-tech product, so the purchase rate in the education sector was low. After the outbreak of the global epidemic last year, people's work patterns and daily life have been significantly affected, and traditional business operations and school education models have also faced a huge impact. Business organizations have begun to widely implement work from home (WFH), and how to ensure the daily operation of the enterprise, hold meetings on schedule, and achieve operational goals as planned has become the most urgent problem for enterprises to solve. As far as the education sector is concerned, how to ensure the progress of teaching when face-to-face courses are stopped and allow students to continue learning at home is an urgent problem for principals and teachers to deal with.


In this general environment, coupled with the fact that the interactive flat panel has been launched over the years, the cost of technology maturity has dropped, and the interactive flat panel has finally faded from the label of "high-tech product", and has become a "popular product" in the market from unattainable. At present, the sales of interactive flat panels have risen against the trend, and more companies and schools have begun to purchase such products. This phenomenon reflects that traditional business activities and teaching models have begun to undergo fundamental changes, and it also proves that interactive flat panel products can effectively promote business operations and improve teaching quality.


An interactive flat panel that integrates multiple functions

The interactive flat panel is equivalent to a super-large version of the ipad. It is a video image product that integrates the functions of a computer, an interactive flat panel, wireless Internet access and video and audio transmission. The flexibility is also unmatched by traditional display screens and projectors.


High quality picture

The interactive flat panel usually supports 4K or native 4K resolution. No matter in normal indoor light or dim environment, it can present high-brightness and clear images, and there will be no screen reflection. In addition, users can choose the appropriate size (55"/65"/75"/86"/98") according to the size of the use environment, so that the audience can clearly see the content of the screen wherever they are. On the contrary, use the projector The ambient light must be dimmed first, as long as there is external light interference, the color of the picture will be relatively dim, which will reduce the image effect and quality, and affect the intuitive experience. In addition, even if the highest resolution of the projector can reach 4K, the picture is usually detailed in general environments. It's still not as good as the 4K picture of the interactive flat panel.


Easy to use

The interactive flat panel is a light-touch screen. Users can not only control the device directly on the screen with a finger or a stylus, or use the built-in electronic whiteboard software function to write directly, and even automatically recognize and record the content, but can also interact with The touch screen is annotated with additional content to help explain the original materials, and the interactive flat panel can be connected to a personal tablet or smartphone for remote control, which is very convenient for meeting reports or classroom teaching; moreover, the interactive flat panel generally has 10-40 point touch function, support multiple people to control at the same time. In contrast, traditional projectors must be used in conjunction with a computer. In addition to spending time on connection and debugging before use, the computer must also be controlled during use. If it is used for teaching and demonstration, it is difficult for the speaker to take care of it and the action is restricted. It even needs to be controlled by a special person, and the flexibility of use is low.


Built-in smart system

The interactive flat panel appeared about six years ago, and after a long period of continuous research, the technology has become more and more mature. Most brands of interactive flat panels have built-in Android 8.0 intelligent system. In addition to directly connecting to the Internet to browse websites and play audio and video materials, users can also install suitable commercial or educational software according to application requirements to meet their needs. In addition, the interactive flat panel can be connected to multiple tablet computers, mobile phones and other mobile devices at the same time, allowing users to cross-share information in real time, increasing the interaction between the two parties, and improving both business efficiency and teaching efficiency. This diversified use function is what traditional display screens and projectors lack.


Price reduction

As the interactive flat panel matures and develops, the cost of the product continues to drop, and the market price accordingly becomes more affordable. At present, the price of interactive flat panels is almost the same as that of smart TVs and projectors of the same size, which can be afforded by ordinary enterprises and educational institutions. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to purchase a multi-functional and cost-effective interactive flat panel than smart TVs and projectors.



The trend of telecommuting and the development of interactive flat panel

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, there has been a huge change in the way of business operations, and working from home has become a feature of the change. Facebook CEO Zuckerberg predicts that 50% of corporate employees will work from home in the next five to ten years. Changes in the way enterprises operate and the application of cloud systems will completely change the configuration of enterprise equipment, one of which is the popularization of interactive flat panels.


For a long time in the past, the business meetings of enterprises and the promotion of products or services to customers have mostly adopted the face-to-face meeting mode, and the reports are mainly reported in the form of PPT. Under the influence of the epidemic, personnel between enterprises must reduce or even avoid face-to-face contact. In addition, enterprises arrange employees to work from home, business meetings and product launches are developing towards remote video conferences. Under this change, equipment used for remote video conferencing will become a necessity for business operations.


The limitations on the use of traditional projectors and relatively low-quality images make it difficult to meet the needs of remote video conferences. What enterprises need now are products with high-quality images, both shooting and display functions, and preferably directly connected to the cloud, and interactive flat panels with these functions have also officially entered the offices of large and small enterprises.



From global data, it can be seen that since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the sales of interactive flat panels have increased significantly, and the sales volume has not decreased but increased in the adverse market, which shows that interactive flat panels have become a necessity for business operations.


With the popularization of the cloud office, the screen of the interactive flat panel will develop to a large size, and the camera lens, microphone, speaker and other devices will also become the hardware that the interactive flat panel must be equipped with to meet the communication requirements of the remote video conference. need.


Teaching mode innovation and interactive flat panel

2020 has been a year of upheaval for the global education community. With COVID-19 raging, classes have been closed everywhere to ensure the health of school children, and schools have also stopped face-to-face classes under government instructions. In this environment, how to use information technology in daily teaching has become an issue that schools must consider. After entering the year 2022, many documents of the Education Bureau require schools to actively promote IT education, not only to deepen students' IT training, but also to require teachers to introduce IT in the classroom to enhance teaching effectiveness. However, development in this area is relatively slow due to the content of subjects taught and the level of teachers' computer skills. The suspension of classes this time due to the epidemic has had a positive impact on the promotion of information technology teaching models. In order to conduct distance learning courses and the government's subsidy for schools, schools have begun to add information technology equipment in schools. The most obvious type of product, It is to introduce interactive flat panel display to assist teaching. Since the introduction of interactive flat panels, the education sector has been the main consumer and beneficiary of such products. For the application of interactive flat panel in teaching, Yoda Views Technology has specially designed different application solutions for various educational institutions, customize the most suitable solutions to meet the different teaching needs of schools.

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