Interactive Whiteboard Promotes the Construction of Campus Information Platform
Release Time: 2022.06.23
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The Interactive Whiteboard is not only limited to displaying information content, but also incorporates the goal of terminal data collection into the structure. According to the needs of customers and the requirements of smart education development, the application can be continuously updated and improved to truly realize a one-time investment and achieve a long-term leading use mode. At the same time, for the existing school hardware equipment, as long as a new interface program is added, the functions displayed in real time can be accumulated and updated, giving full play to the advantages of smart schools and enriching the innovative teaching life. Next, let's take a look at how the Interactive Whiteboard is embodied:

    1. Interactive Whiteboard class display


    It can display basic information such as class name, class check-in, group photo, class teacher, class teacher and class committee. About the class's graphic records of important events, this system is presented in the form of a timeline, which constitutes the growth footprint of the class, especially for some The graduating students after the year will be precious memories and an important part of the school's history.


    2. Interactive Whiteboard to display electronic curriculum


    Course information can be collected from the school system in real time, or manually entered, including course name, teacher, current course, next course, etc.



    3. Interactive Whiteboard to display class honors


    Incentive points and honors can be set up, which can be awarded to winning classes by the school uniformly by photographing paper certificates or making electronic medals. Electronic awards are an important part of class culture.


    4. Touch interaction of Interactive Whiteboard


    Students can check and browse the content in the class card through touch interaction, which increases students' collective sense of honor and learning enthusiasm. For example, excellent composition viewing, students' own photos, videos, school-run websites, etc.


    5. Interactive Whiteboard to display class photo album


    Any photos related to the daily activities of the class can be classified and saved by creating albums in the background, such as: team activities, spring outings, sports meetings, holiday celebrations, etc., and can be set as the content of the photos displayed.



    6. The Interactive Whiteboard has a variety of information display


    You can choose to switch the screen display state automatically or manually according to the set time. The specific letter modes are divided into: emergency notification information, class notification information, examination room information and general information.


    7. Daily information display of Interactive Whiteboard


    Real-time display of daily weather forecast, date, day of the week, and analog clock information. The system automatically obtains weather data through the platform without manual input.

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