Application Scenarios of Interactive Flat Panel
Release Time: 2022.06.28
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The smart intelligent interactive flat panel integrates various functions such as high-definition display, touch writing, wireless screen projection, multi-system switching, application management, random annotation, local storage,  remote video conferencing, etc., and has a wide range of use scenarios.

Smart interactive flat panels are widely used because of their excellent performance. You can see it in many occasions, conference rooms, classrooms, exhibitions, etc. So what are the application scenarios of smart interactive flat panel?

Scenario 1: Company Conference Room

The conference room is an important place for enterprises to conduct conference communication and exchange. The advantages and disadvantages of conference tools are particularly important. The traditional conference equipment has too many line interfaces, complicated operations, and single functions of each device, which is not conducive to a modern, efficient and intelligent office experience. Therefore, the performance of the smart conference flat panel is particularly important. It is easy to use, easy to learn, and has complete functions, making it the first choice for conference office.


Scenario 2: Indoor and outdoor exhibitions

The display effect of the interactive conference panel based on LCD technology is far better than the combination of projection and electronic whiteboard. Whether indoors or outdoors, the content of the screen can be clearly seen, and the display effect is excellent. In addition, the fuselage adopts an all-in-one design with only one wire, which can be installed on the mobile bracket and moved to the desired position.


Scenario 3: Class Teaching, Lecture

When there is a class teaching in school or a lecture, the smart conference flat panel can be connected to the big screen in the venue to realize "small screen control", which can be operated on the conference flat panel and displayed on the large screen in real time, without the need for extra equipment, the interactive flat panel can be connected with large screen connection, realize "small screen control".


Scenario 4: 3D effect display of real estate, medical treatment, automobile, etc.

The intelligent conference panel has the function of multi-system switching, and the ultra-high-definition display screen is very suitable for displaying three-dimensional images. Its unique arbitrary channel annotation function can give customers timely annotations and explanations during the display, and promote transactions.


Scenario 5: Family living room

The smart interactive panel with TV function can not only be placed in the living room, but also used as a TV. Besides, it can be used for karaoke parties, and it can also be used as children's drawing board and teaching aids. The 4K ultra-high-definition display screen can fully meet the needs of various types of video viewing, and the Android system can download various applications at will. The touch screen function allows children to write and draw, and also allows parents and children to interact. The screen is covered with a layer of strong explosion-proof tempered glass, which is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, so there is no need to worry about being punctured.


All in all, the smart interactive flat panel is a multi-functional smart terminal device that can meet the needs of a variety of scenarios, whether it is meetings, training, presentations, interactions, etc. It can be done. The point is that the operation is very convenient, and you can use it how you want. 

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