Differences Between Conference Flat Panel and Projector, Digital Whiteboard
Release Time: 2022.06.30
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What is the difference between 
conference flat panel and digital whiteboard

1. Different connection methods 

The projector needs to be connected to the computer via a VGA cable or HDMI cable. The conference flat panel only needs to cast the screen wirelessly through mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices.


2. The display effect is different

The projector projects the picture onto the curtain or white wall, which has high requirements on the brightness of the light. The best display effect and experience can only be achieved in a dark environment. The conference flat panel is directly displayed on the LCD screen, with high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle. Whether it is well lit or dimly lit, it can display excellent results.

3. Different ways of writing

The projector cannot annotate writing and searching on the screen, and the conference flat panel can annotate with fingers or stylus, and has the function of multi-person online writing at the same time.


4. Different ways of saving 

The meeting record with the projector can only be recorded with notes or photos, while the conference interactive flat panel can record and save the key points of the meeting in real time, and can completely save the manuscript and annotations of the meeting. Participants can easily take away or share meeting minutes by scanning the QR code.


What is the difference between
conference flat panel and digital whiteboard 

Ordinary whiteboards become dirty and black after a period of use, making them difficult to clean. Later, the digital whiteboard had unlimited writing space, and the form of the whiteboard also developed with the development of science and technology, but people were not satisfied with these, and the operation was still very cumbersome.

The conference flat panel integrates the advantages of these tools, simplifies the complexity, integrates functions such as computers, projectors, screens, electronic whiteboards, advertising signage, audio, etc., and can support multi-touch.


1. Write differently 

The conference flat panel includes all the writing functions of the electronic whiteboard. In addition to annotation, it can also realize functions such as zooming in, zooming out, moving, and copying.


2. Display Different

Although the electronic whiteboard picture clarity is good, the effect is not good. The All-in-One can be used in any environment. At present, the resolution of all-in-one conference machines on the market can reach up to 4K, and the picture quality is more refined. The all-in-one conference interactive flat panel has no curtains, and the screen is still clear.


3. Different devices

Traditional electronic whiteboards need to be used with projectors, computers, etc. The installation and commissioning process is more complicated, and the later maintenance costs are also more expensive. The conference flat panel integrates projectors, whiteboards, monitors, curtains, digital signage, drawing boards, audio, TV and other equipment. It does not require complicated installation and debugging, and the maintenance is very simple.


The conference flat panel is a multi-functional intelligent conference platform integrating projector, electronic whiteboard, TV, advertising display, audio and microphone. Meeting rooms equipped with all-in-one conference flat panel do not need to purchase the above equipment, are not bound by wires, and do not require special personnel to maintain and connect the equipment, which can effectively save costs and improve meeting efficiency.

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