What Is Interactive Flat Panel
Release Time: 2022.07.13
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In the past, in classrooms and conference rooms, projectors and screen combinations were commonly used for teaching, training and meetings. And this combination is slowly disappearing from our sight. Instead, there are now very hot interactive flat panel.

So, what is an interactive flat panel?

Interactive flat panel refers to the basic purpose of replacing the traditional one-way, passive viewing of large-scale commercial displays or projectors; with industrial-grade high-quality LCD screens suitable for close-up viewing and operation as the carrier; with multi-point infrared, optical and other interactive touch Supported by control and writing technology; highly integrated writing, annotation, touch, wireless communication, wireless interaction, system interconnection, remote data interaction and other functions, break away from the traditional boring mouse control method, and provide users with an active and two-way human-computer interaction experience , to realize the interactive LCD panel products that "make all operations return to nature".

The emergence of the interactive flat panel solves the problem of human-computer interaction. In the past, the projector mainly played the role of display, and it was not convenient to operate. For example, teachers cannot take into account the projected screen when operating the computer used to display the courseware, and their actions are limited in front of the computer screen. And there is no such trouble when using the interactive flat panel, all operations are performed directly on the screen. It is also more convenient to show and explain the above content.

In fact, the interactive flat panel is actually a large-screen touch control all-in-one computer. However, it integrates multiple functions, such as computer, speakers, screen, whiteboard, etc. The most widely used fields are in education and conferences, and interactive flat panels dedicated to a certain field have also appeared. For example, the educational all-in-one interactive flat panel for teaching and the conference all-in-one interactive flat panel for conferences are almost the same in hardware. The main difference lies in the internal software level. The education all-in-one machine has a series of built-in software for education.

The interactive flat panel will be the mainstream screen projection device for conference rooms and classrooms in the future, which can perfectly solve the problem of too bright ambient light and unclear vision. At the same time, it has full touch without blind spots and full interaction. It is vivid and interesting in the application teaching work. It has built-in a large number of course teaching resources, which is intuitive and intuitive, which can greatly save teachers' drawing time and satisfy students' desire for knowledge. It is a powerful helper for teachers in the class, and play the same role in the meeting.

Schools and enterprises should be put into use as soon as possible, it can bring efficiency improvements and huge advantages compared to the use of projectors.

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