What is Digital Signage Solution
Release Time: 2022.07.22
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Digital signage are widely used in our daily life, and they can be seen everywhere, especially in front of various shopping malls and shops. However, there are various types of advertising machines, and the scenarios used are also very different. There is a corresponding solution for each use.

So, what are digital signage solutions and what solutions are there?

Digital signage solutions are often composed of multiple components, from hardware to software, that work together to provide the best performance from digital signage.

Different application scenarios use different content forms, such as video, text and picture, and audio and video. These three uses may be used in conjunction with each other, which is a more common form of content display in advertising machines.


The solution mainly includes the following components:

Digital signage display

Digital signage media player

Content Management System Software(CMS)

Internet connection(LAN, WAN, WiFi)
Content(video, graphic, text)


In Yoda's digital signage, the digital signage display and media player are all in one, all you need to care about is the software and the content. You should choose the right software and create compelling content based on your industry and environment.


According to usage scenarios, Yoda divides our digital signage solutions into three categories: digital solutions for retail terminals, digital solutions for education, and digital solutions for conferences. These three types of solutions cover most of the usage scenarios of Yoda digital signage products.

If you have any questions about the solution, you can contact us directly, and Yoda has professional pre-sales engineers to answer it for you.


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