Classification And Introduction of Video Wall
Release Time: 2021.11.13
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LCD video wall as the most common large-screen display equipment, naturally attract everyone's extensive attention. In fact, in the video wall market, not only has LCD video wall, but also has LED video wall, PDP video wall, and so on. Then, I will introduce the differences and related features of LED video wall, PDP video wall, LCD video wall respectively.

1. LED video wall

LED video wall is a kind of electronic device made of light-emitting diodes arranged in sequence. Its advantage is that it is self-luminous, that is, high brightness, so it can be seen from a long distance, and its price is relatively low due to its cheap composition materials. To sum up these advantages, LED video wall is widely used in outdoor.

2. PDP video wall

PDP video wall is the most advanced large-screen display device due to its ultra-thin body, large display area and excellent display performance in a variety of environments. But because it has a large gap in pixels and consumes a lot of power, it is easy to burn when displaying computer images or static images.

3. LCD video wall

LCD video wall can be divided into single screen display, multi-screen display and multi-screen splicing combination according to different use requirements. Since the LCD video wall has very little heat and the device is stable, it will not be damaged due to the high temperature rise of the components.


For early LCD products, viewing angle was once a big problem restricting LCD, but with the continuous progress of LCD technology, this problem has been perfectly solved. The viewing angle is now 178 degrees, giving the effect of absolute viewing. One of the biggest advantages of LCD video wall is its high resolution, the resolution of each screen is 1920*1080, and the resolution can be superimposed after splicing, so it can achieve full HD display, such as playing 4K video, so that the LCD video wall looks very high definition.

Above all are the classification and introduction of video wall, I'm sure you all know. YODA video wall system sets diversified, intelligent, advanced composition, for customers to present high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, wide view of high-definition frame. I believe that YODA will become the best choice for you to buy LCD video wall.

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