Conference Flat Panel V.S. Flat TV
Release Time: 2022.10.20
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Many customers see the conference interactive flat panel and ask at first sight: Isn't this a flat TV? At first glance, there is not much difference between a conference interactive flat panel and a TV, but it is more powerful than a TV, not just a display device.

Conference interactive flat panel application scenarios:

The difference between conference flat panel and TV

Functionally, the conference flat panel is more conducive to enterprises to realize intelligent conference

1. Wireless screen sharing

The conference interactive flat panel can transmit the screen in air, and the computer side transmits the computer content to the large screen, mobile phone and tablet computer through the wireless transmission screen. It can realize four-screen display together, which is convenient for data comparison.

2. Write on the whiteboard

The TV can only display, and the conference interactive flat panel can touch and write. This not only replaces the TV in the meeting, but also the whiteboard. Erasing is also very simple. Gestures can write infinitely. You can also vote on the interactive whiteboard, insert pictures, tables and other operations to make the meeting more convenient and efficient.

3. Remote meeting with camera

Like the TV, the smart conference flat panel has a sound system. In addition, there are cameras and microphones for video conference. It should be noted here that the display effect of the smart conference flat panel is slightly worse than that of the TV, because it is touch. And using Mohs grade 7 frosted glass, you don't have to worry about leaving slip marks when you touch and write.


Technically, the differences between smart conference flat panel and LCD TV are as follows:

1. Advanced technology

The conference interactive panel inherits high-definition display technology, human-computer interaction technology and Internet technology, leading the current mainstream

2. Conference equipment

At present, LCD TV adopts one of the more extensive conference development methods, only the display function is relatively simple, and the cost performance of large-size TV is relatively low.

3. Application function

The conference interactive flat panel is highly integrated with traditional computers, projectors, whiteboards (screens), large LCD TVs, speakers and other equipment. It is easy to operate and only requires simple training. It has a display function itself and can be transmitted through wireless screen.

4. Projection display is convenient and fast

The LCD TV itself has a display function, but it needs to be equipped with a connection cable such as HDMI or VGA; and it cannot be touched and written. If you want to write, you need to match a normal whiteboard with it.

5. Compatible combination

The conference flat panel can not only support the Android system, but also support the Windows system or Android system at the same time.

6. Line system expansion

LCD TVs cannot be combined with other third-party devices; since LCD TVs do not have an operating system, it is difficult to combine with other third-party devices (software and hardware), and it is only used as a display device.

7. Meeting minutes

The smart conference flat panel has a built-in electronic whiteboard, which restores the real writing experience and writes two pens at the same time, with almost no writing delay. After the meeting, you can save and share the meeting minutes by scanning the QR code and sending an email. LCD TVs need to be matched with whiteboards; physical whiteboards have limited layout of consumables such as markers or water-based pens, and display limited content, which requires repeated erasing, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and cannot be saved.

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