How to Choose a LCD Video Wall
Release Time: 2022.10.24
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Have you ever noticed a video wall on high above the streets in towns? The application of LCD video wall is becoming more and more extensive. What factors need to be paid attention to when choosing LCD video wall screens. Here are the answers for you.

Features of video wall screen: long life and low maintenance cost. Liquid crystal is the display device with the longest service life, and its service life is very long. Even the backlight part with the shortest lifespan is as high as more than 50,000 hours, and even if it is used for that long, it will only affect its brightness. .

Resolution is one of the important parameters to reflect the display effect of the monitor. The clarity of the LCD video wall and whether the picture is delicate or not is determined by its resolution. At present, the resolution of video wall screens on the market is higher than common screens. The common ones are: 1920x1080 and 1366x768. If the resolution of display is too low, don't choose it.

The brightness of the picture displayed on the large LCD video wall screen is depend on the brightness of the LCD video wall unit. If the brightness is not high enough, the picture displayed on the screen will not be visible in a strong light environment. This can be selected according to your needs. If you need to use it in a strong light environment, you can choose a high-brightness LCD video wall with a brightness of no less than 700cd/㎡.

We all know that the video wall is composed of multiple splicing panels, so there must be a splicing gap between the panels. If the splicing gap is too large, it will not only affect its appearance, but also have a greater impact on its display effect. The smaller the splicing gap, the better.


Due to the low price and high cost performance of seamless LCD video wall, the LCD splicing screen market has also flourished in recent years. The intelligent seamless splicing of LCD has become a market trend. The overall development trend of the current seamless LCD splicing system is to develop in the direction of high resolution, high brightness and large screen. This also brings a series of problems. Insufficient understanding of seamless LCD video wall, lack of understanding of LCD video wall, and irregular use, many people's understanding of LCD video wall only stays on the surface, and some people's understanding of LCD video wall is only superficial. . The understanding of LCD splicing screen has produced blind spots.

Is the seamless LCD video wall screen thinner the better?

With the continuous maturity of seamless LCD splicing technology, seamless LCD video wall are getting thinner and thinner. Under the vigorous promotion of industry manufacturers, the advantages of thin and light products have been well known to many industry users. Such as reduced weight, a more aesthetically pleasing screen experience, easier installation, and faster response time. Relevant studies have shown that if the thickness of the video wall screen is reduced by 20, its response speed will be increased by 35 on the original basis. So, does this mean that the thinner the LCD splicing screen, the better? The answer is of course no, because the thinning of the product will also bring certain negative effects, and users must understand it before purchasing.

The thinner the thickness of the product, the higher the requirements for the manufacturing process. If the manufacturing process is not up to standard, not only the color displayed on the screen will become darker, but the viewing angle will also become smaller, and the probability of dead pixels on the screen will also increase. , the yield of the product will decrease. So far, the industry does not have a complete set of technologies to solve the above problems. Therefore, to produce thin and light products, the production cost of manufacturers will increase a lot. Correspondingly, if it is transferred to industrial users, the cost of use will also be greatly increased. High cost and many hidden dangers are issues that users must consider when pursuing ultra-thin products. Of course, you must choose when conditions permit, and it is best to choose brand products with guaranteed quality and after-sales service.

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