How to Choose Digital Signage Solution
Release Time: 2022.10.26
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Digital signage can be seen everywhere at present, such as advertising screens on the roof, wayfinding kiosks in shopping malls, and digital signage on the roadside.

Depending on the purpose, digital signage comes in many varieties. Digital signage solutions are best suited for specific applications.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a digital solution. Factors like resolution, installation, and screen size all come into play. Frequently asked questions include:


What kind of display screen do we need?

Where and how should we install it?

What content should we show and how will we manage it?

Fortunately, digital signage is not as mysterious as many people think. Here are some answers to help you make informed decisions on installing and implementing digital signage:

What type of monitor should we choose?

When it comes to digital signage material, LED plays a important role. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED displays consist of columns and rows of individual LED units. LEDs are significantly brighter than LCD and therefore less affected by indoor and outdoor environment light conditions. They have brighter colors and richer contrast than their LCD predecessors. Besides, LED displays consume far less power.


As you can see, the size and installation of the display are the main factors that influence your choice of monitor type. LEDs are suitable for small indoor displays or large outdoor displays such as interactive wayfinders for tourists.


Where should I place the monitor?

As digital signage technology evolves, the possibilities for installing digital signage continue to increase. Digital signage is often used for wayfinding and can often be found in training rooms, lobbies, and other public areas.


However, don't limit your digital signage plans to your space. Bendable technologies enable digital signage to cover arches and wrap around columns. Your monitor can also be suspended from the ceiling in spaces like open floor concept lounges. New lightweight technologies can do this safely and cost-effectively.


What content should we put on monitor and how can we manage it?

You can use digital signage to display customized personal content, such as weather reminders or meeting room schedules. If you don't have the resources to create content, you can use a service to create or customize materials for you.

What if the digital signage I choose is out of date?

There is no doubt that digital signage technology is evolving rapidly. There is no guarantee that the solution you choose today will not be out of date next year. Cooperating with a professional integrator who understands the latest technology and can predict future trends is one way to ensure that your investment is correct.


Another option is giving companies access to cut-edge digital display technology while ensuring access to upgrades. This program protects your investment not out of date because your solutions are always up to date.



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