7 Features of Conference Interactive Flat Panels
Release Time: 2022.10.31
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Meeting is an important form of work communication in the daily organizational communication process, involving information transmission, decision negotiation and execution. An effective meeting management process is an important criterion for measuring the efficiency of internal management of an enterprise.

The conference interactive flat panel is a smart interactive touch all-in-one machine for large and medium-sized innovative and high-tech companies, institutions, schools, training institutions and other scenarios. It integrates computers, projectors, TVs, electronic whiteboards, microphones, audio and other functions, and comprehensively improve meeting efficiency. There are the main features of conference interactive flat panel:

1. High-definition large screen.

Compared with traditional projectors or electronic whiteboards, the interactive flat panel is better in terms of display. It uses a 4K ultra high-definition large screen LCD panel, 72% high color gamut, 1.07 billion color numbers, and deeply restores the details of the picture. The display brightness is automatically adjusted with the environment, the color is vivid and delicate, and the image is clear.

2. Touch and handwriting.

The conference interactive flat panel supports infrared touch, and can directly use a writing pen or finger to write the conference content on the screen, and even meet the requirements of multiple people writing at the same time. Equipped with infrared touch technology, 8ms ultra-low writing delay, writing, erasing, zooming in, zooming out, moving content, real-time accurate and fast response.

3. Remote meeting.

With the assistance of the corresponding software and hardware, the interactive flat panel can transmit the real-time scene of the meeting in real time, without delay and with high stability.

4. Wireless projection screen.

The interactive flat panel can realize wireless screen projection without using a data cable, and the conference flat panel can realize multi-screen interaction with tablet computers and smart phones, and easily transfer files to each other, making the conference more efficient and convenient.

It supports the reverse touch function. When the screen is projected wirelessly, the conference flat panel can be used as the touchpad of the computer, and touch operations such as PPT page turning and page annotation can be performed without going back and forth.

5. Scan the code to share.

After the meeting is over, if there is any modification or approval of the file that needs to be saved, you can save the file on the all-in-one computer, generate a QR code, and scan it with your mobile phone to synchronously save it to the mobile terminal, or sharing the meeting content via the email.

6. One-click screenshot.

Whether you are using the interactive flat panel to explain annotated files or browse web pages, you can use the screenshot tool to capture important content and save pictures with one click.

7. Various sizes

At present, the size of interactive flat panels on the market ranges from 55 inches to 100 inches, and a variety of sizes can be selected to meet the needs of different areas.

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