How to Use Screen Sharing on Interactive Flat Panel
Release Time: 2022.11.10
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Smart interactive flat panel screen sharing function

At present, one of the most common functions we use when using the smart interactive flat panel is the screen sharing function, also called screen mirroring. Using the screen sharing function, we can easily mirror the content of our own devices to the screen of the smart flat panel, without the need to copy files such as presentation documents to the smart interactive flat panel. Moreover, the mobile devices can be directly operated to display the smartcontent, and the operation is more simple and convenient.


When we are using a laptop, we can directly connect the laptop and the smart interactive flat panel with a HDMI cable, and the screen content is displayed on the laptop and the smart interactive flat panel at the same time. At this time, the smart interactive flat panel acts as a large display.


At the same time, we can also use the function of wireless screen projection. Connect the smart interactive flat panel and the portable devices(laptop/ tablet/ mobile phone) that needs to be screened to the wireless network. Install the projection software on both the smart interactive flat panel and the portable device. Then you can mirror the content to the smart interactive flat panel screen through the screen mirroring software.

When it comes to remote conferencing, it needs the screen sharing software for web conferencing, that enables the users to connect with others on the same screen from anywhere and anytime. With that software, multiple users can connect simultaneously, which leads to increased engagement and enhanced collaboration.


When we use a mobile phone or tablet to cast a screen, we can use Miracast and Airplay to share the screen, these two apps are very suitable for mobile devices to share information.

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