How Interactive Flat Panels Change The Class Teaching
Release Time: 2022.11.17
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When interactive smart flat panels come into classroom, the traditional teaching methods are changing, teachers and students need to make some change to breaking through the traditional teaching form and adapt to new state.



1: Change the way students learn with interactive smart flat panels

The rapid development of information technology has led to changes in the way students learn. The teaching space composed of books, chalk, blackboard, computer and display screen is no longer enough to meet the needs of students in classroom learning. Thus, the interactive smart flat panels came into being. In primary school teaching, timely and appropriate selection of interactive smart flat panels to assist teaching, to create rich learning scenarios with vivid pictures, to visualize and clarify the learning content, and to change knowledge from static instillation to graphic, text, both audio and video dynamic dissemination can greatly stimulate students' active learning enthusiasm, and make students' thinking active and interested in participating in teaching activities.


2: Transforming the role of teachers with interactive smart flat panels

The integration of interactive smart panels into teaching applications is the integration of various functions of information technology into specific links of education and teaching through smart terminal platforms. Multimedia information technology has had an impact on the traditional classroom teaching of "blackboard + chalk", realizing classroom teaching and audio-visual teaching. The organic integration of technology provides teachers and students with more colorful ways of teaching and learning interaction, thereby changing the teaching mode and improving the efficiency of classroom teaching. In the era of big data, teachers are "digital immigrants" and students are "digital natives". When the two meet, a competition between tradition and modernity begins. How can teachers transform? How to achieve innovation in teaching and learning? These problems have become subjects that teachers must face.


3: Transform classroom teaching with interactive smart flat panels

With the continuous emergence of smart teaching terminals, on the one hand, teachers learn new technologies and start from the students' interest points to stimulate learning interest; It expands and enriches the content of classroom teaching, and optimizes classroom teaching. This brand-new teaching mode not only provides students with rich learning resources, convenient learning tools, and vivid learning situations, but also allows students to enter the teaching situation in a vivid way, so that students can fully experience teaching and comprehend teaching occurrence, development and extension.


Practical Measures

(1) Development of teaching resources: Integrate teaching materials and expand teaching capacity

The teacher's ability to control the teaching materials largely determines the efficiency of students' classroom acquisition. The textbooks of different subjects often have their own characteristics. Some subjects have a wide range of learning content and strong comprehensiveness, which require teachers to simplify and choose according to circumstances; to highlight the difficulties. Teachers' ability to design teaching based on curriculum standards, combined with teaching materials and develop teaching resources is very important for a good class. In this regard, the interactive smart flat panel has a unique advantage in assisting teachers to delete materials and select resources.


1. Give full play to resource advantages and mobilize students' interest

Compared with plain and straightforward text, dynamic information composed of multimedia elements such as video, animation, music, and pictures is easier to catch people's attention, achieving the effect of highly concentrated attention and highly active thinking in a short period of time. The use of information technology in the classroom is to maximize the effect of this advantage. Through the interactive smart flat panel, teachers can collect various pictures, texts, sounds, videos and other materials online, and form multimedia teaching courseware or learning packages that meet their needs through screening, integration, and re-production. Teachers can quickly and efficiently share teaching media courseware or learning packages with students through simple and easy-to-use operations through the Internet interface. The use of cloud technology animation effects, dynamic templates and other resources can allow students to concentrate in a short period of time, keep their thinking in a more active state, effectively mobilize students' eyes, ears, hands, brain and other senses, and strengthen their understanding of knowledge , mastering and memorizing, thus greatly improving the efficiency of classroom learning.


2. Use teaching media to expand students' thinking

There is a tightly woven thinking network in everyone's brain, and the curve of thinking is both intricate and extensible, which makes everyone's intelligent development full of infinite possibilities. The integration of information technology into classroom teaching is to help students clarify the complicated thinking curve and maximize it. The interactive smart flat panel can use the mind map function to help students sort out and summarize knowledge points, build a mind map, promote students to grasp the knowledge context, and reconstruct the knowledge framework. According to the teaching needs of the course, teachers can develop task-driven, problem-situated, and interactive teaching resources for some general and abstract concepts and knowledge points in the textbooks, so as to expand students' thinking, expand teaching capacity, and help students understand intuitively. Expand thinking and strengthen understanding.


3. Develop teaching resources and expand teaching capacity

While stimulating the activity of thinking and expanding the depth of thinking, the interactive smart flat panel also expands the teaching capacity of a class as much as possible, making teaching more convenient and effective. With the help of the "cloud platform" to create internal school resources, teachers of various disciplines can quickly find teaching-related resources in the "cloud platform" database, and learn from the teaching resources created by other teachers to help their own Teaching design, so as to improve the efficiency of lesson preparation. The introduction of a large number of application software is a great benefit brought by the interactive smart flat panel to the classroom, which allows students to obtain unlimited learning experience in a limited classroom.


(2) Building a Cultivate-wisdom Classroom: Transforming Learning Modes and Improving Teaching Efficiency

In the practice of subject research, the school strives to create a Cultivate-wisdom classroom, guided by "green indicators", based on the requirements of curriculum standards, paying attention to the quality of students' thinking, striving to change learning methods and improving learning efficiency. The interactive smart flat panel enters the classroom, with students' learning innovation as the core and teachers' teaching innovation as the basis, breaking through the traditional teaching form and promoting the wisdom of teachers and students. The integration of interactive smart flat panels into teaching can better promote the changes in teaching procedures, teaching links and teaching modes, so that students can learn independently through various media to improve the learning effect.


1. Change the learning style of students and highlight the subjectivity of students

The integration of interactive smart panels into teaching applications can effectively expand students' horizons, broaden students' knowledge, stimulate students' curiosity and thirst for knowledge, enhance students' sense of innovation, and cultivate students' independent exploration ability and cooperation spirit.


Teachers use the interactive smart flat panel to integrate various functions in the "Cloud Classroom" into teaching, and use the network platform as the carrier to realize the organic integration of online and offline learning. Students choose layered learning packages according to their own interests and learning shortcomings, which increases the initiative and selectivity of learning, and is of great help to improve students' learning enthusiasm and learning efficiency. In the teaching process, pay attention to the activation of classroom thinking and the stimulation of students' innovative ability, and pay attention to guiding students to change "learning" into "learning" and "learn with joy". Change the way of learning, dilute the process of direct transfer of knowledge, and replace it with learning activities in which both teachers and students actively participate and cooperate to explore, highlighting the subjectivity of students.


2. Break through the important and difficult points of teaching and enhance the fun of teaching

The teaching of general and abstract concepts or content is a more or less difficult problem that every subject will face in the teaching process. When the traditional teaching method presents these contents, it will inevitably appear boring and unable to stimulate students' interest and curiosity. The integration of interactive smart panels into teaching applications effectively solves this dilemma. Thanks to modern information technology, the interactive smart flat panel uses image, sound, animation and other technical means to assist teaching, helping teachers break through the difficult points of teaching, turning difficult into easy, turning abstract into concrete, thereby enhancing the fun of teaching and achieving twice the result with half the effort. Effect.

interest is the best teacher. With the interactive smart flat panel classroom, the traditional teaching mode of "teacher teaching and student learning" has been completely changed, and students' participation and initiative have been strengthened. With the help of the interactive smart flat panel, every student can become the master of the classroom, master the autonomy of learning, and show the personality of the students.


3. Design layered teaching to improve learning efficiency

How to take care of individual differences has always been a major difficulty in classroom teaching design, often taking into account the learning needs of most students, and weakening the need to help and make up for gaps. Therefore, the teaching design should be student-oriented, and the hierarchical teaching design should be carried out so that each student can learn independently according to the requirements of the hierarchical objectives. Everyone can learn something.


In the past, in order to meet this goal, teachers had to spend a lot of time and energy to check for gaps and fill in gaps for underachievers after class, and to carry out targeted expansion of students who have spare capacity. However, the limited time and energy make teachers feel unable to do what they want, and it actually adds an extra burden to students.

With the help of the interactive smart flat panel integrated into the teaching application, this problem has been solved to a certain extent. By carefully collecting materials before class and fully considering the needs of students at different levels to make learning packages, teachers can put forward different requirements according to the individual differences of different students under the same training goal, so that all students can develop and improve together. Only when the student's goal setting can be achieved can the students have a strong sense of participation, so that they can actively participate in teaching activities and become the real masters of learning.


(3) Exploring evaluation tools: Integrating evaluation into teaching to improve subject quality

Teaching evaluation reform is an important content of the new curriculum, and it is also an important symbol to test the implementation of the new curriculum concept. To establish an evaluation system that promotes students' all-round development, not only pay attention to students' academic performance, but also discover and develop students' potential in many aspects, understand the needs of students' development, help students know themselves and build self-confidence.


Research on the integration of interactive smart panels into teaching applications, including the exploration of evaluation tools. Through research and practice, the intervention of the interactive smart flat panel enables the teaching evaluation of different subjects to promote students' disciplinary literacy, making classroom teaching evaluation more diverse, and the evaluation more targeted and comprehensive.

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