4K UHD LCD Interactive Flat Panel For Education
Release Time: 2021.11.22
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Under the impact of the global COVID-19 epidemic, how to teach students has become a major problem in education. Many schools have launched online teaching, and YODA 4K UHD LCD interactive Flat Panel will make our classroom livelier and more interesting.

YODA 4K UHD LCD Interactive Flat Panel's main objective is to develop a dual-teaching system multimedia teaching machine, which integrates 4K HD display, computer, projector, loudspeaker and writing board. Using wireless projector can transmit screen barrier-free control mobile phone, computer, tablet content synchronous screen projection to interactive flat panel, multi-screen display, easy to switch, touch panel, one-key split screen teaching content, no matter in the ends of the earth, all online members can see the same display screen.

Equipped with infrared touch, up to 20 points of infrared touch recognition technology, smooth and fast response, convenient gesture operation to retain the traditional erasing gesture, free scaling, increase the number of writing pages make unlimited, for teachers to bring intelligent writing experience.

Compatible with PPT, intelligent annotation, convenient for users to switch from traditional teaching software. There are more than 1600 teaching files. Curtains, spotlights and other functions are provided to highlight the key points of multimedia teaching. 4K display screen, exquisite video picture display, colorful details, make boring classroom immediately lively.

YODA 4K UHD LCD Interactive Flat Panel adopts original high-quality LCD panel with industrial design. It supports 7*24 hours of work and has a service life of more than 50,000 hours. In this way, even for students in different countries who have time difference, it is easy to start up work for a long time. Moreover, it is equipped with D-LED backlight and durable light source is soft, which is more conducive to protecting eyesight.

Removable Floor Stand, Match Push Shield plate and Hang on the wall can be used for installation to meet the needs of various sites. 

We can also add Floor mobile stand, wireless projector, remote control, the whiteboard pen, USB camera and other professional accessories to help teachers operate them more smoothly.

YODA 4K UHD LCD Interactive Flat Panel  for educaiton makes learning intelligent and efficient.

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