Mobile Touch Control Screen All-in-one
Mobile Touch Control Screen All-in-one
Mobile Touch Control Screen All-in-one
Mobile Touch Control Screen All-in-one

Mobile Touch Control Screen All-in-one

  • Brightness:
  • Resolution:
    1920 * 1080
  • Touch Points:
  • Android System:
    Andriod 11
  • Caster:
    1-inch universal wheel *5 

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Mobile Touch Control Screen All-in-one

Mobile Touch Control Screen All-in-one

Interactive Flat Panel

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360° Rotating Video

360° Rotating Video

Various colors can be customized

Support customers to freely choose customized product colors

No front frame design

Fully bonded tempered glass Full screen design style

Immersive sound experience

High-power stereo subwoofer

Heat Convection Cooling Hole Design

Gradient array style, beautiful and practical

Integrated design of screwless back shell

The screen body and the back shell are connected by metal brackets Easy maintenance and disassembly

Innovative metal bracket bonding technology

The bonding process of the screen body and the tempered glass is simple, and the assembly is convenient.

The screen comes with a standby button

Convenient operation, energy saving and consumption reduction, and boost battery life.

Rotation & forward and backward tilt integrated shaft

The quick-release structure of the bracket screen body is convenient to carry and use.

Principle of shaft technology

Two-way motion integrated shaft, while meeting the needs of rotation/back and forth adjustment; Multi-shim damping shaft, stop and stop at will, and rotate smoothly; The sliding and quick release structure of the bracket facilitates the separation of the base and the screen.

Adjust Height Freely

Stepless adjustment of lifting rod, change the screen height freely

Bionic natural tree branch design

Ergonomics, easy to hold, lift and move

Free Adjustment

Freely adjust the screen height and angle

Comes with large capacity lithium battery

Long-lasting battery life, regular use time 5 hours +. Battery characteristics: 1. Safe and reliable, long life, more than 5 years 2. High temperature resistance, safe discharge in 60-degree environment 3. Multiple protection functions ensure system security,

Ultra-quiet universal caster

Move freely, hidden swivel casters Low-cost structure + counterweight two-in-one design

Application Scenarios

Home Theater

Home Theater

Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor Entertainment

Fitness Exercise

Fitness Exercise

Cooking Learning

Cooking Learning

Live Streaming

Live Streaming


Capacitive TouchSupport maximum touch points: 10 points
Android systemAndriod 11, support APK, TV, Tik Tok, wireless projection, whiteboard software
Resolution1920 * 1080
Height adjustment170mm
Angle adjustmentRotation: clockwise 90%/counterclockwise 90°, tilt: up 22/down 22°
Caster1-inch universal wheel *5
Switch/indicatorRed and green, green flashing when charging, fully charged, red light around half battery, red light flashing low battery
Battery typeLithium iron phosphate battery, with protection circuit (overcharge protection/overdischarge protection/overcurrent protection/short circuit protection/overtemperature protection, etc.) 
Battery LifeThe battery cell has more than 3000 cycles
Rated capacity230WH
Voltage19.2V/5A (Max)
Charging interfaceDC plug 2.5mm
Maximum charging current5A
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