Digital solutions for conferences

Traditional meeting forms have many problems, such as long pre-meeting preparation time, various meeting equipment, single attending method, low meeting efficiency, and difficult to keep meeting records. Under the market demand for efficient meeting equipment, the Interactive Flat Panel emerges at the historic moment, which completely changes the meeting form and improves the meeting efficiency

Digital solutions for conferences

Integrate Six Functions In One

It integrates projector, computer, LED 4K UHD display screen, microphone, speaker, HD camera and whiteboard writing etc., well suitable for remote video conferencing to create a new image of high-end conference - smart and efficient.


Support Original Handwriting, Easy To Write

The all-in-one conference machine can switch from the blackboard to the touch interface with one key, any annotation, zoom in and zoom out, mobile roaming, and support for erasing the back of the hand so that inspiration is no longer waiting.


Relocate Meetings, Simplifying The Complex

Through the cloud meeting software, you can participate in the meeting anytime and anywhere with a single tap, so that the meeting is no longer limited. The conference software is installed quickly, and the operation page is simple and clear, so that the conference no longer has to wait.


UHD Picture Quality

Ultra high definition cloud video conference, the picture is smooth and free of lag; high-fidelity audio and video input, easy to have Ultra high definition picture quality and synchronized stereo sound, giving you an immersive experience.


Share The Screen Freely

Share the screen to realize the simultaneous display of office documents, PDFs, applications and audio and video files for all relevant participants to watch, and use hard decoding technology to ensure that the data files are clear and complete.

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