Digital solutions for education

With the classroom as the core scene, it can accurately restore writing notes, provide various graphic templates, zoom in and out, move roaming, and support wiping with the back of hand. With the goal of improving the effect of education, we will build an integrated ecosystem of offline and online intelligent classrooms.

Digital solutions for education

Set Six Functions In One

Smart education tablet supports one-button switching interactive interface, displays teaching content by touch and remote control, realizes high frequency and efficient interaction between teachers and students, helps students to deepen the impression of knowledge points, thus improving education efficiency and simplifying teaching process.


Intelligent Writing Light and Sensitive

Infrared touch writing technology------accurate reduction of blackboard writing The back of hand wipe------The back of the hand can be rubbed gently to erase the contents. Free Tagging------You can comment on key points at any time. At the same time, it provides the functions of zoom in and out, mobile roaming, one click erase, etc.


High-definition Display

HD cloud video conference, smooth screen without jam; High fidelity audio and video input, easy to have HD picture quality and synchronized stereo sound, improving the teaching effect.


Green environmental protection------Pay more attention to the health of teachers and students

Intelligent interactive education tablet, instead of chalk writing, fundamentally eliminate dust, protect the health of teachers and students, 0.5W ultra low standby power consumption, energy saving.


Wireless Display Wonderful Real-time Sharing

Make the class colorful Support PC, mobile phone, tablet and other devices for real-time wireless screen projection. The content can be shared to the intelligent interactive education tablet with one click, realizing real-time and convenient sharing, demonstration and communication between teachers and students.


Cloud Conference Function------support multi-person remote teaching

Support PC terminal, mobile phone, tablet access, provide online classroom for teachers and students.

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